How to Get Redemption Statement Halifax ?

What is Redemption Statement?

Redemption Statement is an statement which will let you know the outstanding balance to clear your mortgage, this will include Fees & Charges (Early Repayment Charges, Outstanding Fees etc..)

Redemption statement Halifax

How to get Redemption Statement Halifax Bank:

Usually Redemption Statement is requested by solicitor and then as per the statement they pay off the mortgage (But we have to pay the fees for solicitor). Even an individual can request for the statement and close the loan. Considering you as not an solicitor, let me tell you the way to request the statement.

To request the redemption statement you can either call or write an letter to Halifax Servicing team with your 11 digits mortgage account number. If your writing a letter then signature verification is must, and in call (Call validation) will be done. 

Halifax will calculate the statement to end of the month or you can mention the specific date. Within 5 working days they will forward the statement through post to your correspondence address which they hold on there records, you can also request them a copy to be sent to your email address (encrypted password required). 

So within that specific date you can redeem your mortgage. The advantage of redemption statement is they will mention daily rate of interest (daily interest amount), if your statement was valid till specific date is expired still you can add daily interest amount to outstanding balance and send the funds to Halifax (but it can be considered 14 days only).

Once you send the redemption amount then your lender will start processing your closure request, once everything is done they will discharge the mortgage.

In few scenarios, Halifax / lenders will request a proff of fund before closing your mortgage, this is usually done to avoid money laundering cases, you can submit your bank statement as proof of fund.

With the help of this link you can fill the form and Halifax team will send the redemption statement to your correspondence address.

I hope this article was helpful.

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