How to Install Chrome Extensions on Mobile/Android Browser

 Chrome extensions on mobile

As title of this post clearly says and without wasting any more time let me show you how to install Chrome Extension on Mobile/Android Browser, It's simple few steps and fun part is you don't need a chrome browser to install the extension, Let's show you the steps.

Steps to follow: To Install Extensions of Chrome Browser on Mobile phone - Android/iOS

  • First Download Yandex Browser from Playstore/App Store.
  • Open the Browser.
  • Paste the URL in the Yandex Browser -
  • It will take you to the Chrome Web Store.
  • Search for the Extension which you wanna install.
  • Click on Install, like you do on PC.
  • It will ask you to save the file, Just click on Ok.
Boom **You have chrome extension installed on your phone.

But keep mind that extension is installed under Yandex Browser, to use this extension you need to use Yandex Browser.

Few Quick Tips:
If you have installed SEO extension and wanna see rankings and domain authority for the Google SERP, then you need to change your webpage to Desktop View. To do so, Visit any website, click on botton right 3 dots, You will see options, Click on Desktop Version.

I'm not sure but I heard from my mind and I think this trick can be done on Firefox browser as well, Let me try and update this post, mean while you can check this for me and post a valuable comment with the response.

There may be N number of reasons you may need the Chrome Extension installed on Mobile, but my understanding says the main purpose is for you is SEO Research. Yeah even I really wanted to Install the extension on my mobile to do research as we can't always carry laptop and ideas comes to mind and we want to research and dam we are away from laptop, but from now on now worries as we have the Chrome Extension on Mobile. Wanna Change Download location in Chrome Android , click the link.

If this post was helpful then you can thank me by a backlink on your website, Peace ✌️ my friend.

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