One Block for MCPE - Minecraft Pocket Edition One Block FMCPE Download & Install


One block for mcpe

We all know how famous is One Block in Minecraft, But it was available only PC. But after so much time and patience, Minecraft fans has developed One block for MCPE and It has different just like the PC one. And i have shown the Demo video below where it's working fine and in the video i have shown how to install and download, Everything in one video. 

One Block FMCPE

Main features:

  • You can destroy only one block.
  • Use given resources to build a portal and kill an Ender Dragon.
  • New blocks and mobs from Nether Update 1.16.0 has been added.

How to install maps:

  1. Visit Download link and Download .mcworld file below
  2. Click on file once download is completed. Then it will start importing in Minecraft.
  3. Open Minecraft Pocket Edition MCPE and Boom the map will be in your worlds.

Download Link:

Minecraft One Block Download Link

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