Dude theft wars is an open world game, with help of cheats we can easily complete the missions.

Cheat Codes for dude theft wars

What are the cheat codes in Dude Theft Wars? Following are the list of all available cheats in the game, your search ends here with the entire list of codes. 

  • Moongravity
  • Giantdudes
  • Antdude
  • Heytaxi
  • Carboom
  • Nosforever
  • Popoplz
  • Suppahotslap
  • Night
  • Day
  • Evening
  • Crowd99
  • Dudekong
  • Dudebolt
  • Cashcash999999 (Expired)

Which cheat code does what? 

1. Cashcash999999
With help of this Cheat Code you will get unlimited money in Dude Theft Wars. This has stopped working in newer version of the game. This was an awesome cheat that use to work in older version of the game.

2. Giantdudes
By This Cheat helps you grow like a Giant. 

3. Antdude
Cheat will make you small in size, Like a Ant.

4. Heytaxi
This Cheat will brings car near you.

5. Carboom
You can explode nearby cars with the help of this cheat.

6. Moongravity
This cheat code helps to fly like gravity.

7. Nosforever
This will increase speed of your car, Just like applying a Boster.

8. Popoplz

9. Suppahotslap
With the help of this Cheat you fire your hand and kill people around you.

10. Night
Change the time to night 

11. Day
Change the time to Morning.

12. Evening
Change the time to evening.

13. Crowd99

14. Dudekong

15. Dudebolt

How and Where to Insert Cheat Codes in Dude Theft Wars?

Step 1:
Click on Phone icon left of the game, Click on it.

How to Step 1 Dude theft wars Cheat codes 2020

Step 2:
Once you click on Phone, You will have options just like a phone and it it you will find App called Cheats.exe, Click on it.

Dude theft wars money cheat list

Step 3
You will find a place to insert your cheat codes and as per your desired intention insert the Dude Theft Wars Cheat Codes New 2020 and Boom see the magic.  

Cheats for dude theft wars


1. How to deactivate cheats in Dude Theft Wars?
  • To deactivate the cheats, enter the same cheat again, for an example; GIANTDUDES - with help of this code your character becomes giant and to make the character normal size , you have to enter the same code again and your cheat is deactivated. 

2. What is the money cheat for dude theft wars?
  • There was a code earlier for money, that’s being expired now, so probably there is no such cheat for now, for money you can download mod apk, but I don't recommend it. You can do many activities like selling cars and so on to earn more money.

3. Are Cheat Codes Legal?
  • Yes offcourse, As developer them self share all the above codes in the game itself on different locations, like there is a code behind police station.
4. How do you fly in dude theft Wars cheat?
  • With help of MOONGRAVITY , you can fly a little. This code will eliminate the gravity hence the character tends to fly.

Dude theft wars is a Open World RPG game just like GTA, but in comparing it’s Graphic it looks like cartoonish so people in India call this game as Sasti GTA 5, Which means Cheap GTA V for Android. This game is developed by Poxel Studios. Basically the game is Open world where you can do whatever you want and fun part is Cheat codes just like GTA games even Dude Theft Wars has some cool cheats and in this article i have shared with you as title itself says.

Dude Theft Wars – Beginners Guide:

As the game starts from a house and the character you’re playing in beginning is JACK, and main task of Jack is to rescue Richie from Prison, Guys you know different characters has different weapons in hand, As jack has a baseball bat in hand where Richie has Guitar as primary weapon. Fun part is once you’re out of house, you see the Grove street just like in GTA San Andreas. Third character is yet to release in Dude theft wars.

To rescue Richie from Prison there are different missions/task you have to clear and the Task looks so easy but while we do it, it sucks, I’m sharing my experience and my data from my YouTube channel, Itsma Game. Guys if you’re stuck in any mission then you check this Playlist (Dude Theft Wars Missions) which will help you to clear the Task easily.

And the above Cheat codes for dude theft wars will help you complete the missions in some way like if you need a Vehicle then use Cheat as Heytaxi and there you go with a Car, and similarly there are few Dude theft wars cheat codes which you can use and play the game and complete the missions smartly. 

How to get Lot of money on Dude Theft Wars:

There is no Cheat Codes for earning money but with the help of Dude Theft Wars Cheat Codes you can earn unlimited money and do you know there are MOD Apk, By the help of this Mod Apk will have unlimited money. You can earn money by selling cars, Different cars has different price and you can check it on my channel where i have shown few car price by selling it on Duber shop.

There is lot more fun in the game, try enjoying it and Guys if you play Coin master then you can check this Free Spins Coin Master for daily Free spins and Coins.   

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  2. ty bc i have been trying to get alot of money and thanks to this i can

  3. Cash cheat is available but it kills us when we enter

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  5. Well cashcash kills u now might be because the game wants to buy the cash in real money cause cash cash just gives the money for free

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